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'a Little Extra' - Paperback Book for developing innovation mindset

'a Little Extra' - Paperback Book for developing innovation mindset

'FOUND' -a book by Naveen Lakkur

'FOUND' -a book by Naveen Lakkur

Inseparable Twins - Book To Inspire Young Minds

  • Inseparable Twins - Book crafted to be a best gift to inspire young minds. Innovation requires inspiration and new-age leadership is driven through people who are creative and innovative.
  • A 300 page book filled with stories, parables, anecdotes, frameworks, graphics and many more depicted with conversation between Appy, Proppy & Lucky makes it interesting and captivating. It is intended to inspire and empower young minds to create a sustainable tomorrow.
  • Book published by Lone Tree Books on 23rd November 2012 in English Language
    ISBN 978-81-920702-2-3
  • Authored by Naveen Lakkur, serial entrepreneur turned innovation coach.

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A book by Naveen Lakkur to inspire innovation and entrepreneurship. Inspiring the budding entrepreneurs and managers, this book proves to be a guiding light. It talks about twelve distinctively paired principles that come together to unleash new power. This book brings a dozen paired principles which can be implemented in workplace and also in daily life. The results are bound to happen once these paired principles are applied. It has proved very powerful in igniting young minds to seek success, ethically.

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